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At Agri-Fresh, we are dedicated to our geographic lanes. We deliver fresh and healthy food-grade products and produce to and from the Canadian prairie provinces and California. Our efficient, modern fleet operates 52 weeks of the year. We take care of all of the planning, which ensures that our customers experience consistent weekly service volumes. Over the past 25 years, Agri-Fresh has cultivated integral relationships with equipment suppliers and technicians throughout our core route, granting us priority service and virtually continuous uptime. Our obsessive attention to detail guarantees that when you trust us to deliver your products, they will be in the same condition as when we loaded them.


As a specialized carrier, we know that the integrity of goods and protection from cross-contamination of commodities are critical to our customers. Rest assured, our sanitization practices and limited exposure to multiple commodities reduce your company’s risk and ensure the safe transport of your produce. We also train our drivers in-house on precise loading practices and procedures. Most importantly, we adhere to FSMA regulations and uphold the standards of our memberships with CPMA, PMA, DRC, and Blue Book Services.




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Haul Freshness

Trained in consistent product hauling and safe handling practices, we’re produce specialists operating in a core geographic corridor, ensuring an on time, on temp, and on tech delivery of your perishables.

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Healthy Performance

We are asset-based with company hired drivers that have been screened, selected, and provided with specialized training to deliver fresh and healthy 52 weeks a year!

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Consistent Communication

Using satellite technology, we can start, stop, set the temperature, check fuel levels, and run time-specific reports on our fleet to match load shipments. Our unique, consistent line of communication is how we achieve our promise of an on time, on temp delivery.