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What You Need To Know To Be A Truck Driver in Canada

Canada Is Calling! Truck drivers deliver something special. They work behind the scenes to ensure that we can preserve our way of life and ensure our daily needs are met. Trucking is hard work and there are many drivers from around the world that want to move to Canada. They could be looking for a new start, a safer home for their family, a greater income, or all of the above. Roadways from the Canadian Prairies to California and Arizona Read More >>

From Sweden to VEGAS? By way of Canada

“If we can do it, anybody can do it” Moving from Sweden to Canada was an ambitious move for Mack and Erika, but it was a no-brainer and they haven’t looked back since. It was 2017, when Markus, mainly know as Mack, saw a job advertised for long-haul truck driving with Agri-Fresh. He had aspirations of driving in Canada, so he asked Erika, and the answer was short and sweet: Let’s do it. The idea of driving for a company Read More >>

Driving Pine Trees To Palm Trees: A detailed overview of a ‘California Rounder’

Agri-Fresh is a specialized refrigerated carrier. We only move fresh produce from California and Arizona, into the Canadian Prairies. We often get asked what a ‘California Rounder’ is like, so we have put the detailed overview below. We’ve also included a Facebook live stream featuring our CEO, and Founder, Kevin Small. He completed a rounder to document the process.  First, here is a bit about who we are:  We are proud to be delivering fresh and healthy every day, and Read More >>

Agri-Fresh & The World’s Largest Truck Convoy

I recently participated in The World’s Largest Truck Convoy with two of my boys. In case you aren’t familiar with this event,The event raises much-needed funds and awareness for Special Olympics programs across Manitoba. For the past couple of years, my 21-year old son, Konner, has driven one truck and I the second. This year, Nick, my 14-year old, ran co-pilot with Konner. I first entered an Agri-Fresh tractor in the World’s Largest Trucking Convoy with Nick five years ago, Read More >>