Agri-Fresh & The World’s Largest Truck Convoy

Kevin Small World's Largest Truck ConvoyI recently participated in The World’s Largest Truck Convoy with two of my boys.

In case you aren’t familiar with this event,The event raises much-needed funds and awareness for Special Olympics programs across Manitoba.

For the past couple of years, my 21-year old son, Konner, has driven one truck and I the second. This year, Nick, my 14-year old, ran co-pilot with Konner.

I first entered an Agri-Fresh tractor in the World’s Largest Trucking Convoy with Nick five years ago, and every year since he always asks if we’re going in the Convoy. He enjoys it a lot and I enjoy the time with him.

During our first year, we picked up the truck and to make it a trucking experience we drove over to the Flying J in Headingley, MB, to spend the night in the truck. We had breakfast at Denny’s and then we rolled on over to the Convoy.

Keeping with tradition, we were at the Flying J again this year. By the time we picked up our trucks and trailers it was already late when we got there.

All three of us were sitting in one truck, we talked and joked around before calling it a night, Konner hopped over to the other truck, and Nick was in the top bunk with me on the bottom. We continued to chat a bit, it felt like we were little kids having a sleepover. The size and comfort of our sleepers always amaze me, and I can’t help but reflect on the little 48” bunks I used to crawl into in my first trucks.

Seeing our trucks, seeing all the other trucks, and being with the trucking family always puts a smile on my face. Until next year, Kevin Small.

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